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Whether you’re in need of complete dentures for a full smile transformation or a partial denture to seamlessly replace missing teeth, our expert team ensures personalized care. With prefabricated acrylic teeth, skillfully processed into custom-made bases, our dentures guarantee comfort and a natural look. Opt for the convenience of Immediate Dentures, crafted before tooth extraction for a same-day solution. Our Partial Dentures, anchored by healthy existing teeth, provide a secure and tailored fit. Experience the artistry of our dentists, guiding you through a series of appointments to achieve the perfect, comfortable smile.

About Dentures

Complete dentures are used to replace teeth when there are no teeth remaining. The teeth are prefabricated acrylic, which come in many sizes, shapes, and shades. They are processed into a custom made acrylic base, which is made to comfortably fit the gum tissue in your mouth. If you have teeth in your mouth that are not restorable or saveable but you do not want to be seen without teeth even for a day, there is the option of getting an Immediate denture. This is a denture that is fabricated before your teeth are extracted, You get the denture the day of your appointment to get your teeth extracted. It is an excellent option. 

About Partials

A Partial Denture (RPD) is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth. It is held in place by your existing teeth. It is important that these teeth are healthy in order to support your partial; often they may need treatment prior to making the partial. One of our Dentists will help you in determining which treatment is best for you. Impressions of you teeth and/or gums are taken and sent to the lab where the dentures or partials are made. This process usually requires a few appointments to assure the best looking, most comfortable end result.

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