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The Dentists

Dr. Gulafshan Munshey founded Healthy Smile Family Dentistry in 2002. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1997 and is approaching her twentieth year in the field. Dr. Munshey is a proud mother of four children: an MD, a banker, and dental school student, and a high school senior.


Dr. Munshey loves the dental field and takes pride in her work. She continues to update her education in root canal therapy, invisalign, periodontics, new restorative materials, crown and bridge, implant restoration, endodontics, aesthetic bonding and veneers.


Apart from her strong passion for dentistry, Dr. Munshey enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her loving family in her spare time.


Dr. Munshey is a proud member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, and the Washtenaw District Dental Society.

Gulafshan Munshey, D.D.S

Dr Ahmed Syeda D.D.S. BDS graduated from University of Michigan in 2011, she completed her bachelors of dental surgery from India and practiced in both hospital and private office settings for four years before moving to the United States. After graduating from the University of Michigan through the advanced standing program, she went to work at a community dental center before joining our office as an associate dentist. Dr. Ahmed is competent and confident in performing all dental procedures, with a strong focus on aesthetic dentistry. She is appealing to patients of all age groups. Whether it be for the routine check-ups or crown procedure, Dr. Ahmed is prepared to treat you with care.


When she's not working, Dr. Ahmed is busy attending to her four children's extracurricular activites and spending time with her beloved husband. She also loves to go trekking and exploring the beautiful outdoors.


Dr. Ahmed is a proud member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, and the Washtenaw District Dental Society.

Syeda Ahmed, D.D.S

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Maria Kaakaji, D.D.S


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